Dr. Asha BakshiSenior Consultant Neurosurgeon & Stem Cell Scientist, MD


    Dr. Asha Bakshi, MD, is a senior consultant neurosurgeon based in Delhi with two decades of clinical experience. She completed her medical graduation from Madras University and neurosurgical training from Army hospital, Delhi. Her desire for excellence led her to pursue various fellowships like Neuroendoscopy from University of Mainz, Germany, minimally invasive neurosurgery at Nagoya University, Japan and interventional neuroradiology at OHSU, USA. As an assistant professor at the Medical University, SRMC, Chennai, she was in charge of teaching postgraduate students.  She has established latest neurosurgical practices in both corporate and not for profit hospitals

    To push the realms of neurosurgery, she achieved a postdoctorate in stem cell research for neurodiseases at University of Pennsylvania, USA. Working in stem cell clinical trials at AIIMS, New Delhi, she helped co-author the National guidelines for Stroke Management. She has both basic science and clinical research publications.

    Her philanthropic side led her to conduct several remote health camps in India and abroad (Kabul, Tajikistan). In order to develop digital delivery mechanism of modern healthcare she founded mQure health private Ltd, which focussed on “health at your fingertips” through mobile phones. Her entrepreneurship skills helped mQure cater to hospitals, Telecom Companies and pharma industry providing customised services. The company has serviced more than 100,000 customers between 2010 and 2012.

    Currently the mQure android App has been launched to improve communication between health care providers and their clients by creating a virtual clinic.

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